TYRU: TYR here means The Youth Republic and U points towards YOU; TYRU aims toward highlighting/featuring/representing YOUR ACTION WITH IMPACT to the YOUTH NETWORK.


You can also contribute to TYRU and can present your Action With Impact in the Events of The Youth Republic, if you are a Youth Republican! Share out your Actions holding Impact with the Global Youth Network for collective and constructive progression!

TYRU is building a sense among Youth to work for spreading positivity by putting robust actions for leading a Change. TYRU makes you ask question from yourself, IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO? If not YOU will WORK for your SOCIETY, then WHO? TYRU builds passion in you to step ahead, ask yourself, IF NOT ME, THEN WHO? And yes Step Ahead for radiating positivity everywhere.


Fill this form, if you would like to inform The Youth Republic regarding your efforts, actions and steps for Leading a Change!


Want to become a Youth Republican? Read here, BECOME YOUTH REPUBLICAN and present your TYRU with the YOUTH all around the Globe.